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Drew Landry is a Songwriter & Filmmaker from South Louisiana who resides in the Blackfeet Nation. His upcoming album, Exiles was recorded at Dockside Studio with legendary players during the pandemic. Landry's new band, The North Country Ramblers are booking shows this Summer in support of the new album.

                        Biography & Backstory


The troubadour supplemented his income by crawfishing, planting trees & pulling sinker cypress out of the Atchafalaya Basin. He landed his first gig as a roadie on a Hank III tour and has shared the stage with Billy Joe Shaver, The Angola State Prison Band, Lazy Lester, David Allen Coe, Charlie Louvin, Dwight Yoakam, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Merle Haggard, Doug Kershaw, Johnny Winter, and countless others.

“Landry doesn’t often brag about how Kris Kristofferson called him the best songwriter he’s heard in 30 years. Landry impressed the legend by playing him his song “Last Man Standing”.

                                                                                        – Nick Pittman, Offbeat Magazine

His first album, Keep What’s Left, was called “The Equivalent to Lomax’s field recordings for the 21st Century.”. His second album was featured on Live Nation’s, “Ones to Watch” and touted his third release, Sharecropper’s Whine, a “five star, Cajun-influenced Americana masterwork.” The former Warner Brothers artist went on to produce a film about the struggles of Commercial fishing families after the 2010 BP Spill. 


After a near death collision with an 18 wheeler in 2015, Landry left Louisiana began making films. He started a production company in Alaska with Meda Dewitt from which several short films were produced for tribal communities. The songwriter took a job as an Extension Agent for the USDA at Blackfeet Community College in Browning, Montana.“I moved to Montana to heal & got a real job, but I never quit writing. It’s time to get back to using my medicine (the power of song) to help others.” His new single, Hey Sister, will benefit, a reporting portal and database for missing & murdered persons from Tribal Nations in Montana. Blackfeet Community College will also be hosting a virtual concert, town hall & training to address issues at the heart of the MMIP epidemic in Montana May 5th-7th.


Landry’s upcoming album, Exiles features a cast of legendary Louisiana musicians including Lee Allen Zeno, Micheal Doucet and members of the Hub City All-stars. It was produced by Ken Veron and will be released July 7th when Landry begins his upcoming tour. “The best musicians I know were sitting around during the pandemic. We gave them a call and went to Dockside Studio where things began to fall into place.” Landry and Dr. John began recording the Bobby Charles inspired Solution to Pollution EP in 2010. The complete Dockside recordings will be released in 2023 with a feature length documentary about the project.


The Restoration: Songs of Cultural & Agricultural Resilience will showcase the talent of various artists. “I’ve learned a few things over the years about sustainable growth and honoring where you come from.” Landry explains, “We were deported from Acadie because we made something out of nothing, we learned to farm with salt water. Those that weren’t killed in Le Grand Dérangement were forever taken from the land they made prosperous. I live in a Tribal Nation that was never physically separated from its land, but the culture here is being revitalized. I believe that reconnection to the land and the culture are an essential part of the healing process. Maybe our stories can help one another.

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16 Last Man Standin'
05 Hounds Of Hell
BP Blues for the Williams family
The Dockside Tapes Rough Cut for Wish & Steve Nails
Hey Sister - For Ashley HeavyRunner & Dana Landry
First Recording of Acadian Wind for Greg Guirard
Dr. John sings Drew Landry's 3rd World Country Blues


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